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Just Sustainable, Socially Engaged, Humanitarian Architecture, with no advertising.

Boundaries, international architecture magazine, is an independent journal particularly focused on sustainable, socially engaged and humanitarian architecture, which pays strong attention to those places where new developments and ideas are arising. Boundaries is free of advertising, each issue is monographic, and all articles are accompanied by notes and a bibliography for further reading.
Boundaries has no advertising and receives no public funding: its goal and its support are its readers. If you like this project, please, share and recommend it to anyone you think might be interested. Your continued support is needed so that we can keep expressing ourselves and to inform you liberally.

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Just sustainable, socially engaged, humanitarian architecture

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Boundaries explores the potentialities of interdisciplinary researches and works, publishing mostly unpublished works
The border in Boundaries has nothing to do with the political frontier; it is that line that the imagination continuously moves a bit further beyond the horizon, that pushes to set forth, that speaks about invention, about discovery. It has nothing to do with the idea of limit; it is rather an “invitation”: it is the line that divides only to join together, that enhances the differences so that it may be possible to set up a true dialogue.

Today the global network allows us to communicate indifferently with everyone and all around us originate paradoxically new, sometimes disturbing, borders: between cultures, religions, politics. The invitation is to get over, shift, delete or rewrite them, and make the boundary a land of encounters, a crossroad of cultures, languages and disciplines, fertile ground for new ideas.read more

Today we must completely rethink the role of the architect/designer to address the urgent challenges imposed by the contemporariness.
To do this we need to move with courage and altruism, from the paths of known, to open the door to the wonders of the possible.
Boundaries is conceived to offer a critical view of the architectures that today faces, in many different ways, the challenges of the contemporariness and of sustainability intended as a balance between problems of cultural, environmental, economic and social nature, using the potentialities of the network, the ubiquity, the “absolute” time, and the democratic dimension that characterize it, and to give space and visibility to different knowledge and views.read more
Each issue is monographical.
Boundaries is a quarterly journal, with texts entirely in English and Italian. All articles are accompanied by notes and bibliography for further reading. The final sections “ideas” – some food for thought, crossing different disciplines – and “that was the year…” – addressed to the history of the 20th Century – will always be present.
From 2012 Boundaries enriches with eBook and digital publications and with interactive pages on the major social media.
More recently, the activities of Boundaries are extended with the promotiion of conferences, workshops, design competitions and exhibitions.read more
Boundaries selects the contributions by choosing among the best in every field, looking for, also with the method of the call for papers and with revision from a blind peer review panel, new emerging architects and authors.
All that without public funding, our goal and our support are our readers.
Boundaries is a review founded and directed by young researchers, architects, urban planners, designers, historians and geographers from all over the world: together we link four continents. Our hope is to reach the most different points of view, not to reconcile the opposites, but to enhance them as a value, to enrich the dialogue.
From 2012 to the editorial board and the panel of blind reviewers are assisted by an international scientific committee.colophon

Latest news

  • 4 years of Boundaries

4 years of Boundaries!

4 years of Boundaries: thank you all! To thank all our subscribers, readers and followers Boundaries launch 14 days of sales on its online bookstore. From -40% to -55% on all publication and offer boxes. Free and fast shipping on box offers, almost worldwide!

  • special thanks to Lorenzo Bitto

Tiny Architectures Trilogy, covers by Lorenzo Bitto

Special thanks to Lorenzo Bitto, architect, designer and friend, for having created the design of the three covers of «Compact Living», «Tiny Houses. Self-built, Off-the-grid», «Tiny Architectures on the Move». We wish to thank Lorenzo for having shared his passion and talent with us, and all Boundaries' readers. Enjoy!

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Boundaries now accepts Bitcoins on its online Bookstore, on every transaction.

Where to read Boundaries around the World

Where to find Boundaries around the World

Some review of Boundaries

  • A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture

A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture @Archidose

Luca Sampo's insatiable appetite for almost single-handedly presenting architecture that is socially responsible, but also beautiful, continues with these recent issues on "Architecture for Emergencies II" and "Humanitarian Architecture." Like other Boundaries issues, the projects are balanced by research, positions, interviews, and books on the topic.

  • Free Architecture

art4d, new review!

This magazine, which comes out every four months, revolves its contents around locally bound and conceived architecture and collaborations between architects and local communities. It’s only once in a while that we get to hear about some interesting movements of contemporary architecture from Rome

  • Do-it-yourself Architecture

Boundaries goes strong!

As more and more magazines of various like cease publication each year (87 in 2013 according to one source, though over 100 started in the same period) or fold into all-digital versions, it's always good to see titles going strong, particularly in the realms of architecture and urbanism.

  • Contemporary Architecture in Africa

Two reviews from Archidose

Each issue is structured into sections: News, Perspective, Architecture, Ideas, That Was the Year..., and Book Reviews. The Architecture section makes up the bulk of each issue and highlights particular types of buildings or related strands within the theme

  • Free Architecture

Free Architecture @Archidose

What is "free architecture"? According to Boundaries editor-in-chief Luc Sampò it recalls "free software," which is the forerunner of the open-source movement, where code is shared amongst programmers rather than horded as proprietary

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Latest Boundaries’ Issues

Tiny Architectures on the Move

Tiny Architectures on the Move
Boundaries issue n. 14
Being always on the go, carrying only the essential, choosing where to live, changing house or moving […]

Tiny Houses. Self-built, off-the-grid

Tiny Houses. Self-built, off-the-grid
Boundaries issue n. 13
To build a house or a place to retreat to on weekends, by one’s own means, in a […]

Compact Living

Compact Living
Boundaries issue n. 12

Reducing the scale of our needs, going back to smaller scale living, can have many advantages, including the recovery of […]

A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture

A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture
Boundaries issue n. 11

In 2014, for the first time since the end of World War II, the number of refugees […]


What they say about us

As more and more magazines of various like cease publication each year or fold into all-digital versions, it’s always good to see titles going strong!
J. Hill, from New York
Boundaries is the best Architecture Magazine out there. GREAT seller. FAST shipper even though it came all the way from Italy. Super cool “magazine”!
D. Morris, from USA
I just revived my order, I want to thank you for your work, I simply love the magazine. Can’t wait for the next one!
S.B., France
È la rivista di architettura piu interessante che ho mai letto!
Julia B., Italy
Arrivée très rapide, avec une attention particulière pour chaque commande. très bien, livre en parfait état et très intéressant.
User from Amazon.fr, Très bien!
I really appreciate your take on the current architectural discourse. The most interesting things taking place, are actually taking place outside our normal focus area. Boundaries seems to me to be the publication that has most consistently recognized this phenomenon.
Prof. Hans Narve Skotte, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Thanks and congratulations for your super interesting magazine!
The first issue, Contemporary Architecture in Africa, does an excellent in job in presenting buildings, projects, books, and histories on the continent.
John Hill, Architect, blogger, curator of Archidose
Boundaries speaks of entirely dissimilar colours. And that is suddenly warmingly welcome. And this is good, and it feels right.
Pedro Gadanho, Design curator at MoMA, New York
I think what you are doing is most needed in this world; a re-definition of our role as architects is long due.
Anne Feenstra, AFIR Architects
È davvero un atto di coraggio, di cui si sentiva la mancanza.
Francesca De Filippi, Il Giornale dell'Architettura
Container Architectures is an especially good issue, loaded with some of the best examples in the still-popular trend.
John Hill, Architect, blogger, curator of Archidose
Thank you for bringing us a fresh and relevant new publication. One that is in tune with the times.
Stan & Jess Field, Field Architecture
Ve la consiglio!
Claudie D.
Fantastico, complimenti!
Angelica D.G.
Informative and well put together. Important subject.
Joanna Newmann