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Boundaries introduces a new call for papers on the following subject:

Architectures for Emergencies II


Even if they are considered as special events – something rarely happening – emergencies are, in many cases, an everyday reality around the globe : from natural to man-made disasters, architecture must face a broad variety of emergency circumstances. Can we speak about “architecture” at a given historical moment or in certain geographic areas? We wish to deepen discussions and researches around the topic of architecture in emergencies situations, on which we started working with Boundaries' issue n. 2.


Architecture and Utopia

Architecture and Utopia

In Boundaries Utopia promotes divergent thinking. It stimulates forward momentum, not to just a future, but to all possible futures.In this new era of disorientation and social hardship it isn’t pure formalism to rethink utopia as a type of search, anticipation and projection into the realm of future possibilities.

While choosing to address the issue of Utopia in contemporary architecture, especially in co-operation projects in disadvantaged areas, we could not imagine the spectrum of the contributions sent to Boundaries in response to the call for papers launched in July 2013, in which we wrote: «In this new era of disorientation and social hardship it isn’t pure formalism to rethink utopia as a type of search, anticipation and projection into the realm of future possibilities».


Boundaries 10 giorni per la Sardegna

il ricavato delle vendite* dal 20 novembre al 30 novembre 2013 sarà INTERAMENTE devoluto a progetti di ricostruzione nelle aree colpite dall'alluvione.

È un piccolo contributo se misurato in rapporto alle necessità del momento. Ma ci auguriamo possa diventare una strada per diffondere una diversa cultura del costruire e del condividere l'ambiente antropizzato, utilizzando pratiche sostenibili e resistenti, già adottate con successo in molti progetti nel mondo.


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sardinia 100%


Architecture and Recycling

Architecture and Recycling

The topic of recycling, presented in this issue, is the “re-use” of materials, objects and structures, for different purposes, and in different ways from their original uses, in order to build or re-build, to provide possible solutions to problems related to the environment, and to manage waste more intelligently.

Tyres, containers, bottles, cans, CD-ROMs and even keyboards, can find new and unexpected uses in experimental architecture, exhibition pavilions, or low-cost housing. With recycled objects, one can build anti-seismic and energy efficient houses. Recycled materials can contribute towards building shelters to meet the needs of people affected by disasters. There are many topics connected to recycling, and they vary depending on the objects that one wishes to recycle and how they will be put to use.


Architecture and Recycling on BOOMandLEISURE.com

Boom and Leisure is a broadcast hub for publicising exciting architecture and design announcements from the world’s most iconic and progressive organisations including Museums, Foundations, Universities, Festivals, Publishers and Galleries.





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TYIN Tegnestue, Old Market Library, Min Buri, Bangkok, Thailand  © Pasi Aalto


Una recensione di Giuseppe Pullara su Il Corriere della Sera
martedì 20 marzo 2012

«Domus, Abitare, Casabella, l'Arca: le riviste d'architettura sono milanesi, come il design e la moda. La collocazione meneghina delle loro redazioni ha ben conosciute cause storiche, economiche, culturali che ne spiegano l'origine. E per questo è tanto più sorprendente la nascita a Roma di un trimestrale di sguardo internazionale [...] Boundaries lancia due segnali: Roma può partecipare ad un confronto senza frontiere puntando su un'architettura quasi ignorata dalle riviste patinate; giovani appassionati possono superare certe inerzie ambientali e vivacizzare la realtà culturale che a Roma, nel campo dell'architettura, si limita a qualche presentazione di libri ed a conferenze negli "interiors" universitari». Giuseppe Pullara

Scarica la recensione in formato pdf


Free ArchitectureFree Architecture

Free Architecture is focused on open-source architectures, it's about the free circulation of ideas, it's about cooperation projects available over the internet under Creative Commons licenses.
Open-source architecture undermines the current political and economic model, becoming a “freedom struggle” against copyrights.

«Could you imagine a future where designers share the “copyright” of their work, projects and drawings, for the benefit of a collective, inclusive and “participative” form of design? No longer referring to the form of participation widespread during the Sixties and Seventies, and still present today, that saw the designers on one side and the clients on the other, but instead the formation of “equal” participation in which knowledge is shared in a two-way process. What kind of future could that be?»

In this Issue: Renzo Piano, an unpublished cooperative project in Costa Rica.


Contemporary Architecture in Africa


Our first eBook comes out !

Boundaries is proud to announce the publication of its first eBook on the Apple iBookstore™:

Contemporary Architecture in Africa

Boundaries' enhanced eBooks contain multimedia, video and interactivity.
This book is available for download on your iPad with iBooks or on your computer with iTunes.

Edited by: Luca Sampò. Language: English. ISBN: 978-88-908264-0-5.

Download it for FREE !



Container Architectures

Container Architectures

Architecture using containers – when they aren’t flattened to their original shell – succeed in being exciting: unhinging the certainty of the “builders” and challenging the status quo. Irreverent, they instil in the observer a sense of the ephemeral and the temporary; offering a contrast to the “civilized” urban environment. They speak of prefabrication, mass production and, most of all, about nomadism.

Prefabrication, recovery of abandoned structures and dry modular construction can transform a distressed contemporary landscape thanks to the creativity, the inventiveness and the unprejudiced ideas of designers who are open to experimentation and research, while providing an effective response to the current crisis, creating jobs, without putting the economy at stake.

«I think that one of the most interesting aspects of the reuse of containers in architecture is precisely the freedom of approach with which each deals with the design. Nothing is codified, everything has to be rewritten from scratch every time, inventing new ways of interpreting the space».



Boundaries: un’altra architettura sta crescendo ai bordi del mondo.

Testo pubblicato su presS/Tletter n.29-2012

C’è una nuova rivista che sta esplorando cosa e come si costruisce fuoriuscendo dal consueto. Il suo direttore, Luca Sampò, ha individuato una nuova formula di indagine critica mettendosi in contatto con realtà che agiscono in tutto il mondo, ma che solo sporadicamente attraggono l’attenzione delle testate più note. Il primo numero, del settembre 2011, era dedicato a Contemporary Architecture in Africa; l’ultimo, uscito nel settembre 2012, ad Architecture and Recycling. In mezzo sono stati trattati argomenti riguardanti l’architettura della pace, della emergenza o la città alternativa.


Biennale di Venezia


Boundaries is proud to participate with Archizines to The 13th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, directed by David Chipperfield and titled "Common Ground", that will be open from 29th August to 25th November 2012

Special Live Event : November 21, 2012



We are pleased to announce that Boundaries will continue participating in the ARCHIZINES WORLD TOUR (see below).
The exhibition and accompanying events will be presented in seven countries.
There will also be a special ARCHIZINES LIVE taking place during the VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE.

Osaka, 1–17 September 2012
Paris, 6 – 27 September 2012
Tokyo, 21–23 September 2012
Helsinki September 2012
Brussels, 5 October ¬¬– 3 November 2012
Santiago de Chile, October 2012
Bratislava, 5 – 23 November 2012
Dublin, 15th November 2012 – 12th January 2013
Venice, ARCHIZINES LIVE: Wednesday 21 November 2012


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