School buildings and learning spaces in general, especially the bad ones, affect the lives of billion children and of their teachers. A school building design should be inspiring, and inspired.
In this book Rena Upitis writes about “raising” a school, a definition that is a warning in itself: a school is not just a building, is one of the most important places where children, our common future, will spend most of their time, where they will grow and learn how to live and discover – maybe – what to do in their lives. Building a school is an act of essential relevance, and its design must be thoroughly investigated in an interdisciplinary way.
In this book Rena Upitis investigates in an excellent way, with significant references, the processes and the main factors which should be taken into account while designing a school. A pleasant reading, based on a long and real experience, which faces some of the key problems in school building design as Architecture and Cultural Values, Building Costs and Social Costs, Learning and Living, Pedagogy of Place and Ecological Footprints, Place-based Education, Fostering Social Cohesion.
This is a must read book which should be read not only by designers and architects, but also by politicians, teachers and all those who are involved in building schools and places of learning.

Raising a School: Foundations for School Architecture
by Rena Upitis

Wintergreen Studios Press, Canada 2010
(17,5 × 25,5 cm.) 200 p.
$ 25,00 paperback
ISBN 978-0986547300