reBuilding the Future: Culture

reBuilding the Future: *Culture Sustainable architecture, fostering learning This volume explores architecture and work committed to fostering cultures. How to return to a cultural dimension where dialogue and differences regain that core value [...]

reBuilding the Future: Healthcare

reBuilding the Future: *Healthcare Sustainable architecture, for better living This volume explores architecture and work dedicated to improving the health and living conditions of disadvantaged populations and groups affected by disaster or war. [...]

reBuilding the Future: *Education

Are architects able to build schools in these conditions for less than $50 per square meter? Would the result be sustainable both culturally and environmentally? And would the project be enjoyable, stimulating and constructed ethically?

Tiny Architectures on the Move

Tiny Architectures on the Move Boundaries issue n. 14 Being always on the go, carrying only the essential, choosing where to live, changing house or moving it several times during the year; the nomads lived [...]

Tiny Houses. Self-built, off-the-grid

Tiny Houses. Self-built, off-the-grid Boundaries issue n. 13 To build a house or a place to retreat to on weekends, by one’s own means, in a remote place such as the wilderness, using recycled materials [...]

Compact Living

Compact Living Boundaries issue n. 12 Reducing the scale of our needs, going back to smaller scale living, can have many advantages, including the recovery of one of the last horizons of luxury in our [...]

A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture

A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture Boundaries issue n. 11 In 2014, for the first time since the end of World War II, the number of refugees exceeds fifty million people in total. In such challenging [...]

Architectures for Emergencies II

Architectures for Emergencies II Boundaries issue n. 10 To face an emergency means to deal with problems of a different nature, some requiring immediateness, whilst others needing longer subsidence times. Sometimes it is a matter [...]

Do-it-yourself Architecture

Do-it-yourself Architecture Boundaries issue n. 9 What is do-it-yourself architecture? Self-building is a challenge not only in terms of material, economic, regulatory and bureaucratic difficulties, it is a challenge to oneself. It requires the desire [...]

Architecture and Utopia

Architecture and Utopia Boundaries issue n. 8 In this new era of disorientation and social hardship it isn’t pure formalism to rethink utopia as a type of search, anticipation and projection into the realm of [...]

Free Architecture

Free Architecture Boundaries issue n. 7 Free Architecture is focused on open-source architectures, it's about the free circulation of ideas, it's about cooperation projects available over the internet under Creative Commons licenses. Open-source architecture undermines [...]

Container Architectures

Container Architectures Boundaries issue n. 6 «I think that one of the most interesting aspects of the reuse of containers in architecture is precisely the freedom of approach with which each deals with the design. [...]

Architecture and Recycling

Architecture and Recycling Boundaries issue n. 5 The topic of recycling, presented in this issue, is the “re-use” of materials, objects and structures, for different purposes, and in different ways from their original uses, in [...]

The Other City

The Other City Boundaries issue n. 4 Informal settlements are a swift growing reality, which concerns almost all metropolitan centres. Slums, favelas, barrios, bidonvilles, villas miserias, baraccopoli, know no boundaries and make no distinctions between [...]

Architectures of Peace

Architectures of Peace Boundaries issue n. 3 “Peace” is not compared to its opposite, nor is it about considering philosophical or religious meaning, or authoritarianism and its modes of expression, nor to outline possibilities in [...]

Architectures for Emergencies

Architectures for Emergencies Boundaries issue n. 2 Among the different mean of “emergency” we have chosen to focus particularly on the post-crisis reconstruction, including both natural and man-made disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, pollution, global climate [...]

Contemporary Architecture in Africa

Contemporary Architecture in Africa Boundaries issue n. 1 Boundaries starts with the history of contemporary architecture in Africa. The signs of a possible change in progress can be felt in many places and countries of [...]