Temporary / permanent: Architecture, Emergencies & Sustainability

We want to focus on the role of the architecture in the emergency situations. Even if they are considered as special events – something rarely happening – emergencies are, in many cases, an everyday reality: from natural to man-made disasters, architecture must face a broad variety of emergency circumstances.

Can we speak about “architecture” at a given historical moment or in certain geographic areas? Which is the role, what can we expect and what reliability could be placed in architecture in specific contexts? How do architects react to situations like: destruction – physical and/or of the memory –, presence of ruins, restoration and reconstruction, and how does all that interacts with human perception of the environment?

Contributions on any aspect of these topics, on which we wish to open a wide interdisciplinary debate, are encouraged. All kinds of approaches to this topic are welcomed, from realized project, to innovative design, technologies, design studies, etc. Papers can be case studies oriented, or methodological and/or theoretical in focus.

The deadline for submission is October 25, 2016, 09:30 PM CET.

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