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Welcome to Boundaries

The first independent and international journal, free of advertising, which is entirely devoted to sustainable architecture and cooperative projects, focusing particularly on places where new developments and ideas in architecture are arising.
Each issue is monographic, and all articles are accompanied by notes and a bibliography for further reading.
Boundaries has no advertising and receives no public funding: its goal and its support are its readers. If you like this project, please, share and recommend it to anyone you think might be interested. Your continued support is needed so that we can keep expressing ourselves and to inform you liberally.

Blind peer review
Publication proposals are subject to evaluation with the blind peer review system.
Texts, drawings and photographic material will not be returned, unless a specific request is made.

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Luca Sampò, architect
email: editor@boundaries.it
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contact us: editorialboard@boundaries.it


Lorenzo Bitto, Italy


Michelle Sacchetti, Australia

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Aidan Butler, United Kingdom
Giovanna Cignini, Italy
Barbara De Bernardi, United States of America

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