Contemporary Architecture in Africa (iBook)

Contemporary Architecture in Africa

Boundaries is proud to announce the publication of its first eBook on the Apple iBookstore™:

Contemporary Architecture in Africa

Contemporary Architecture in Africa is a problem apart. It means to deal with not one but thousands of Africa: regions, tribes, languages and climates very different one from each other. In many places and countries of this big continent something is changing, showing how the logic of the global consensus is not the only alternative possible.
Contemporary Architecture in Africa is a journey through some of the most representative XXIst century sustainable and socially committed works, featuring projects from: Francis Kéré, ./Studio 3, tamassociati, Dustin Tusnovics, Peter Rich, Smale and Partners, Field Architecture, CMAI architects, and many others; a chapter is dedicated to the history of the 20th Century, focusing on events that have been particularly important, achievements that must not be forgotten because they still constitutes an important lesson.
A sharp, richly illustrated and engaging work which shows the commitment, the quality of the architectural researches, the social awareness of the profession, but also the contradictions with which one must deal choosing to be architect this way.
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Edited by: Luca Sampò. Language: English. ISBN: 978-88-908264-0-5