Architects Building Peace – the book

Architects Building Peace features the best stories of architects and engineers, from around the world, who have had the courage to leave the well worn path and getting involved.
It is about architects who have never stopped training to be able to realize their dream: to help the poorest and disadvantaged communities in building better living conditions, and to help them become more resilient in case of natural disasters or wars; and to do it by themselves, with their own means, culture and technology.

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the book

Architects Building Peace covers topics such as schools, health facilities, architecture for emergencies (natural disasters, wars, humanitarian crises), building with natural and local materials (earth, straw-bale, sand or earth-bags, C.E.B., bamboo), cultural buildings, playgrounds, building with recycled materials, addressing urban issues, participation and co-housing, and much more.

It not only tells the story about the completed project, but it’s full of information, photos and sketches from the various stages of the creative process, including the participatory dialogue. It investigates the social implications, the human dimension and local cultures.
Briefly, it contains all that really matters in order for a community to become stronger, more resilient and to grow in a healthy and creative way.

why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter presents the perfect platform for launching a self-published book. This book will be of the highest quality, to a standard that would not have been possible in the framework of traditional publishing. Therefore it’s vitally important that we meet our funding goal to make this a reality.

Kickstarter also helps me to engage with the community, and to continue together this journey beyond the campaign.

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