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The border in Boundaries has nothing to do with the political frontier; it is that line that the imagination continuously moves a bit further beyond the horizon, that pushes us to set forth, that speaks about invention, about discovery. It has nothing to do with the idea of limit; it is rather an invitation: it is the line that divides only to join together, that enhances the differences so that it may be possible to set up a true dialogue.

Boundaries is a review founded and directed by young researchers, architects, urban planners, designers, historians and geographers from all over the world: together we link four continents. Our hope is to reach the most different points of view, not to reconcile the opposites, but to enhance them as a value, to enrich the dialogue.

A hint to the structure of the journal: every issue will address a monographic theme, around which the topics of the articles will be focused. The section “Ideas” proposes some food for thought, crossing different disciplines. The section “That was the year…” will address the history of the 20th Century and will always be present: it will focus each time on a different event that has been particularly important, an achievement that must not be forgotten because it still constitutes an important lesson.

Boundaries is a quarterly magazine on sustainable, socially engaged and humanitarian architecture. Each issue is monographic, with full texts in English and Italian (facing), and all articles are accompanied by notes and a bibliography for further reading. ISSN 2239-0332.