reBuilding the Future: *Education

Building schools for disadvantaged communities, in countries with widespread poverty, or where there have been natural disasters or armed conflict, is a complex job that requires knowing how to balance listening skills, respect for local cultures and traditions, meeting needs and sticking to contingent limitations, with the desire to introduce innovation and techniques and technologies borrowed from Western countries.
Are architects able to build schools in these conditions for less than $50 per square meter? Would the result be sustainable both culturally and environmentally? And would the project be enjoyable, stimulating and constructed ethically?

This volume explores the architecture of places of education, with particular attention to the most disadvantaged areas and communities. Architecture can promote exclusion and a sense of isolation, aggression and radical attitudes, or encourage aggregation, the joy of being together and the ability to grasp the beauty of diversity. It can reveal new hopes, defend tolerance and stimulate imagination and creativity. Education is, par excellence, the instrument that promotes collective social progress, makes individuals and communities stronger, provides an ability to overcome disasters by responding positively, avoiding the easy road of fear, abandonment or violence.

Today the crisis and the current conflicts are undermining our ability to make our lives better, and to provide for the betterment of the community and its collective growth. We are losing our ability to dream and hope. Today, more than ever, it is time to rebuild the future: let’s start with our schools.

With projects and texts by: 24H architecture, A4AC, Active Social Architecture, Anna Heringer, Anukruti, AP+E, H&P Architects, Indalo & Collectif Saga, LEVS architecten, Liveinslums, NPDA, PLAN:B Arquitectos, Project Little Dream, Rural Urban Framework, Vin Varavarn Architects

Boundaries is a quarterly magazine on sustainable, socially engaged and humanitarian architecture. Each issue is monographic, with full texts in English and Italian (facing), and all articles are accompanied by notes and a bibliography for further reading. ISSN 2239-0332.

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