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Project Description

Architectures for Emergencies II

Boundaries issue n. 10

To face an emergency means to deal with problems of a different nature, some requiring immediateness, whilst others needing longer subsidence times. Sometimes it is a matter of providing housing to those who have lost theirs, other times it is a matter of safeguarding human dignity, without forgetting the importance of the memory of places».
These themes are joined by others, that both for the length of the economic crisis, and for the lack of interest – or mismanagement – by institutions, policies and Non Government Organisations (NGOs), have recently gained a disturbing dimension: poverty, unemployment, housing crisis, pollution, and the crises of culture and education.

The crises of unemployment and culture are not photogenic, nor sensational, but they are no less dangerous. The sloth of their pace is not as noticeable as an exploding bomb, but funding cuts to public education, to health, and to other pivotal sectors of the social structure of a society, are creating prolific damage, perhaps even more extensive and long-lasting than any other emergency of the last decade. Today, to face an emergency also means to deal with the emergency of culture. Projects and research presented in this volume cover very different topics: from refugee camps in Jordan to DIY structures in Thailand for the Karen people, from a community centre in South Africa to the result of the lasting economic crisis, to a self-built park in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in Rome.

A landscape complex and articulated, rich in food for thought, which appears, however, linked by a thin red line: the ability to work in harmony with the people for whom one is working for, cultivating curiosity, imagination, listening skills and tolerance, sometimes out of boundaries and regulations, renewing the value of diversity daily.

With contributions from A.gor.a Architects, ARCò, Edward Burtynsky, Ian Davis, Simon Deprez, Éléonore Labattut, Timur Ersen, Deborah Gans, Melissa Hollingsworth, James Witherspoon, Elisa Maceratini, Luca Sampò, Stefano Scavino_FAREstudio, Interazioni Urbane, Riccardo Vannucci, Riccardo Vannucci_FAREstudio, Paola Vecchiato

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