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Project Description

Container Architectures

Boundaries issue n. 6

«I think that one of the most interesting aspects of the reuse of containers in architecture is precisely the freedom of approach with which each deals with the design. Nothing is codified, everything has to be rewritten from scratch every time, inventing new ways of interpreting the space».
The container, The Box that has changed the world, as Marc Levinson has defined it in his book, it’s just a metal box, without soul. How to transform it in architecture? The “Magic Box” perimeter an empty space, has an high structural resilience, is self-supporting, if used is very cheap compared to other building systems, these the ingredients of the winning formula that makes the container the protagonist of the architectural successful stories presented in this issue.
It can be converted to many possible uses: houses, emergency housing units, offices, cinemas, and restaurants.
Fantasy is the only limit.

With contributions from: tamassociati, Adam Kalkin, Graft Architecture, Studio mk27, 1024 Architecture, LOT/EK, Renner Hainke Wirth Architekten, MVRDV, Studioninedots, Spillmann Echsle Architekten, Ross Stevens, Patrick Partouche, Golany Architects, CG Architects, Benjamin Gracia Saxe, Infiniski + James & Mau, O + A, Luis de Garrido, AAF Architekten, Richard Lewis, Sean Godsell Architects, MMW Architects.

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