September 2016

Boundaries 12-17 – a “half-dozen” reviews from John Hill @archidose

I've reviewed Boundaries, the Italian-English magazine edited by Luca Sampo, a number of times on this blog. The last time was in April 2015, more than one year ago, so now seems like a good time to highlight the most recent issues. Below are descriptions and highlights from the last six issues, which show some thematic strands: building small and "rebuilding the future".

May 2015

A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture @Archidose

Luca Sampo's insatiable appetite for almost single-handedly presenting architecture that is socially responsible, but also beautiful, continues with these recent issues on "Architecture for Emergencies II" and "Humanitarian Architecture." Like other Boundaries issues, the projects are balanced by research, positions, interviews, and books on the topic.

March 2015

art4d, new review!

This magazine, which comes out every four months, revolves its contents around locally bound and conceived architecture and collaborations between architects and local communities. It’s only once in a while that we get to hear about some interesting movements of contemporary architecture from Rome

May 2014

Boundaries goes strong!

As more and more magazines of various like cease publication each year (87 in 2013 according to one source, though over 100 started in the same period) or fold into all-digital versions, it's always good to see titles going strong, particularly in the realms of architecture and urbanism.

March 2014

Two reviews from Archidose

Each issue is structured into sections: News, Perspective, Architecture, Ideas, That Was the Year..., and Book Reviews. The Architecture section makes up the bulk of each issue and highlights particular types of buildings or related strands within the theme

Free Architecture @Archidose

What is "free architecture"? According to Boundaries editor-in-chief Luc Sampò it recalls "free software," which is the forerunner of the open-source movement, where code is shared amongst programmers rather than horded as proprietary

Architecture and Utopia · @Archidose

Utopia is hardly the most popular topic in architectural discourse today (an introductory essay by Nathaniel Coleman discusses how architects like Zaha Hadid divorce their ideas of Utopia from political and social concerns, something much in the news recently), but it's not an idea that will go away, no matter how impossible the goal may be

February 2014

Boundaries is a GREAT magazine !

Yes, it is possible to add to the massive amount of coverage that Container Architecture has received of late. This magazine manages that feat! Take the famous, the infamous Adam Kalkin for example. His container work has been covered in every book for years and years.

Amazing ! Do-it-yourself Architecture

This Magazine is simply the best architectural publication currently, and I feel in the past as well, being printed. They ship fast and it is exciting to open each issue!

April 2012

Il Giornale dell’Architettura

È davvero un atto di coraggio, di cui si sentiva la mancanza: una rivista ricca di contributi internazionali, che documenta attraverso progetti, immagini e lo scorrere di un testo bilingue, esperienze raramente esplorate, soprattutto in Italia. Speriamo sia l'inizio di un lungo cammino, ispiratore di visioni non convenzionali