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September 2016

Boundaries 12-17 – a “half-dozen” reviews from John Hill @archidose

I've reviewed Boundaries, the Italian-English magazine edited by Luca Sampo, a number of times on this blog. The last time was in April 2015, more than one year ago, so now seems like a good time to highlight the most recent issues. Below are descriptions and highlights from the last six issues, which show some thematic strands: building small and "rebuilding the future".

May 2015

A Focus on Humanitarian Architecture @Archidose

Luca Sampo's insatiable appetite for almost single-handedly presenting architecture that is socially responsible, but also beautiful, continues with these recent issues on "Architecture for Emergencies II" and "Humanitarian Architecture." Like other Boundaries issues, the projects are balanced by research, positions, interviews, and books on the topic.

March 2015

May 2014

March 2014

February 2014

April 2012