Amazing ! Do-it-yourself Architecture

Architecture in Africa is NOT all mud huts or something cool looking designed by a well-intentioned westerner. There are Africans designing from their own perspective, using their own skills, and the existing skills of their fellows. And their results are AMAZING. And, yes, as you dig deeper into this subject, you will find many westerners designing in an African way -and many of their results are also amazing. But this is only a MAGAZINE that feels like a book and it can only cover a small amount of the daily efforts of an entire continent. This Magazine is simply the best architectural publication currently, and I feel in the past as well, being printed. They ship fast and it is exciting to open each issue. I just bought every back issue and started my subscription. And it is not as expensive as you would imagine. Boundaries, (the magazine), is shipped from Italy.

D. Morris (Texas USA, February 2014)