This magazine, which comes out every four months, revolves its contents around locally bound and conceived architecture and collaborations between architects and local communities. It’s only once in a while that we get to hear about some interesting movements of contemporary architecture from Rome. The editor of Boundaries is a professor of architectural history whose philosophy is to create an advertisement-free magazine that refuses any financial support from the government, a mandate that naturally names its readers as key supporters of the magazine. The content of each issue is monographic with different topics, while the principal foundation is still about sustainable architecture, written in articles with succinct notes and a bibliography for further reading. The magazine looks and feels like an academic journal but with a more interesting and opens vibe resulting in Boundaries coming across as more relatable to the emerging movements in contemporary architecture based on geo-graphic areas and locality. If you’re one of those people who wants to know more about sustainable architecture the world over, with a focus on people and applicable uses of local resources, this is the magazine for you.