Boundaries is a GREAT magazine !

Yes, it is possible to add to the massive amount of coverage that Container Architecture has received of late. This magazine manages that feat! Take the famous, the infamous Adam Kalkin for example. His container work has been covered in every book for years and years. (His is also the only high-end work that lets you see EACH container in all its glory: not too chopped and not hidden behind cladding at all!) What did Boundries remind me about Mr. Kalkin? That he is an artist, an artist with great humor, and his container creations should be seen through that filter! In a book I once owned Mr. Kalkin involved his pet pooch in a “kinetic sculpture” that also involved a strong man. Quite graceful…and funny.
Yep, a Container design can be funny. And fun: look at Lot-ek for some real fun. And, OK, you can take it all seriously as well.
Boundaries is the best Architecture Magazine out there. I just bought all their back issues and started a subscription. They are shipped from Italy and come fast. Enjoy!

February 6, 2014
By D. Morris “dantheartistman” (Central Texas)

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