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Scientific Committee

<strong>Emilio Caravatti</strong>
Emilio CaravattiArchitect
Architect and co-founder of Africa Bougou onlus (NGO,
He is actively committed in realizing architectures “for” and “with” the inhabitants of the rural villages in Mali and Burkina Faso.
Visiting professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan.
<strong>Cristina Cerulli</strong>
Cristina CerulliArchitect and Professor at the University of Sheffield, School of Architecture
My work is underpinned by a strong commitment to rebalancing the normative culture of the architectural profession and education through challenging and questioning established norms. Critical Management and Social Innovation as a model for diversifying practice is a central feature of my current activities, through knowledge transfer, professional practice, teaching & research. My approach is intrinsically collaborative, trans-disciplinary and co-operative.
Co-founder of Studio Polpo
<strong>Nathaniel Corum</strong>
Nathaniel CorumArchitect, Design Director, Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative
The Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative (SNCC) focuses on culturally and environmentally sustainable development with American Indian, First Nations, and Indigenous communities worldwide. Through planning, architectural design, technical assistance and research, our services help tribal communities gain self-sufficiency, improve their impacts on the natural world, and develop healthy, green, culturally-appropriate communities.
<strong>Ian Davis</strong>
Ian DavisArchitect and Senior Professor in Disaster Risk Management for Sustainable Development at Lund University
Founder and first director of the Disaster Management Centre in Oxford Brookes University, he edited the first UN guidelines on “Shelter after Disaster” in 1981.
Visiting professor in Cranfield, Oxford Brookes and Kyoto Universities.
<strong>Deborah Gans</strong>
Deborah GansArchitect and Professor at Pratt Institute
Gans’ design work has been published and exhibited at IFA Paris, RIBA London, The Guggenheim, and the Venice Biennial. She is currently engaged in a community based project in New Orleans funded initially by HUD and in a master plan for The Graham School, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.
She has also taught as visiting critic at Yale University.
<strong>Andreas Gjertsen</strong>
Andreas GjertsenArchitect
Architect, co-founder of TYIN Tegnestue Architects.
TYIN studio, established in 2008, is committed in building projects in poor and underdeveloped areas of Thailand, Uganda, Sumatra and Norway.
He is assistant professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
<strong>Yashar Hanstad</strong>
Yashar HanstadArchitect
Architect, co-founder of TYIN Tegnestue Architects.
By involving the local populace actively in both the design and building of their projects, TYIN are able to establish a framework for mutual exchange of knowledge and skills.
He is assistant professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
<strong>Koji Tsutsui</strong>
Koji TsutsuiArchitect, Visiting Associate Professor of Architecture at Berkeley, University of California
He was recently awarded the 2012 Architectural League Prize. Tsutsui was also part of Architectural Record‘s Design Vanguard in 2011 and in 2009, the office’s Annular Orphanage was a Finalist for the Global Holcim Award.